Our frames are free from defects such as discoloration, knots, or cracks.
Each element is four-sided planed, rounded, and polished.
The frame is joined with steel rivets, ensuring the deck chair's robust construction.
Deck chairs come with a three-level backrest adjustment and plastic safety features to prevent automatic folding during use.
Deck chairs comply with the PN-EN 581-1 2017-04, PN-EN 581-2:2016-02, PN-EN 1022:2019-03 standards.


Our standard fabric is 100% durable polyester 200 g Sonic Mat.
We also offer an ECO rPet polyester fabric.
Each of our fabrics can be easily removed for replacement or cleaning.
We use full-color sublimation printing and screen printing for designs.


We use first-class beech wood sourced from FSC Certified Forests (Forest Stewardship Council A.C) for our deck chairs' production.
These forests are managed in a way that minimizes environmental impact, preserves biodiversity, and protects the rights of workers and local residents.
The first-class beech wood we use for the frames is carefully seasoned and additionally subjected to a drying process, ensuring the highest quality of our products.

Embark on an adventure with our promotional deck chairs!

It's the perfect blend of comfort and promotion.

Crafted from the highest quality wood, our deck chair ensures comfortable outdoor relaxation.

Customization options enable effective brand promotion at the beach, in the park, or during corporate events

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