Standard equipment: 

Our deck chairs come with a self-replaceable fabric system. At any moment, within a few seconds, you can remove, wash, or replace the fabric with another one. 

All our frames feature plastic safeguards against accidental folding. We can also offer an alternative version with safeguards made of 5mm plywood.

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WAdditional equipment:

Painting: To ensure long-lasting protection for the deck chairs, we can paint them with water-based wood oil. Next to it, you will find our standard colors. We can always customize them to meet your needs.


Banner - an additional advertising space located on the back of the deck chair.


Pillow - makes relaxation on the deck chair even more comfortable.


Double-sided print.

Engraving and UV printing - we can perform engraving or UV printing on the deck chair slats. Despite the fabric change, your logo will always be on it!